What is Meditation?

Meditation is the art of bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to your life. By letting your worries melt away, and your anxieties fade into the distance, you can free yourself from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Letting the mind rest and recover is just as important as getting a good nights sleep and eating a healthy diet. To grow as a person and to live the happy life that you deserve, meditation plays a crucial part in allowing your mind to remain in a state of balance.

With the right mindset you will be ideally equipped to head out the door each morning and embrace life. Meditation is the tool that you need to have that desire.

Professional Diploma in Meditation Teaching

Price : £599.00


This is a comprehensive professional qualification which is externally accredited by Open College Network West Midlands and IICT and fully insurable. It is designed for those who wish to teach meditation to others, for example in evening classes and groups.

Location : Newport, Wolverhampton

Date : 17th, 18th and 19th July 2017, 20th, 21st and 22nd September 2017, More dates avaliable.. Please contact us to find out more

Description :

Professional Diploma in Meditation Teaching

In our increasingly hectic and stressful world, meditation can be invaluable in reducing stress and helping with the relaxation process. Practiced in various parts of the world for centuries, although largely not in the West until more recently, meditation can also help us find ourselves and make sense of the turmoil that is all too often associated with everyday living. Various studies have shown that meditation has a number of health benefits and substantially reduces stress. As a result of lower levels of stress and anxiety, many physical health improvements result, for example, through enhanced circulation and improved sleep. There are also clear links to emotional stress creating physical stress and subsequent ill health. Meditation has also been shown to relieve the pain associated with certain physical conditions.

This is a comprehensive professional qualification which is insurable and fully accredited with Embody (Embody). It is designed for those who wish to teach meditation to others, for example in evening classes and groups. 

A series of written assignments must be completed in your own time in addition to attendance on the 3 day course.

Part One:

This incorporates two days of workshops designed to enable students to run their own successful meditation and relaxation classes for the general public.

Course content

On this course you will:

  • Study both the theory and practical aspects of the “relaxation response” as well as the overall connection between the Mind/Spirit and Physical/Mental/Emotional;
  • Learn about stress-how it manifests, its symptoms and how to alleviate them;
  • Explore the concept of meditation-the various types and look at how to identify the best form for each individual;
  • Explore the art of Mindfulness;
  • Learn how to conduct relaxation classes on a commercial basis-including the important aspects of Professional Conduct and Business Awareness.

Students enrolled on the Professional Diploma in Meditation Teaching will also be required to undertake the following further training:

Part Two: Three written assignments

To supplement the practical training introduced and undertaken during Part One. This is provided by way of an e-manual which includes 3 separate assignments as follows:

  1. Write a meditation script (between 15 and 30 minutes in duration) and deliver it to a group of at least four individual students, obtaining their written feedback;
  2. 1500 word written assignment on the “Relaxation Response”
  3. Write a brief outline (roughly half a page each) detailing 4 different meditation techniques.

NB Those students who do not possess a qualification incorporating Business Practice for Complementary Therapists will also be required to submit a Business Plan assignment to cover these aspects of the training outcomes. There is no additional cost for this. 

Part Three:

Attendance on a futher workshop to integrate the learning and experiences from Parts One and Two; and

An opportunity to formally assess students in a group environment.

This is a fully insurable Practitioner qualification. Please contact BGi in order to arrange cover or discuss your individual insurance needs.

Cost: £599.00 for the full programme.